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In the thick of it

On occasions when you’re crazy busy, it can feel like no matter which way you turn, you can’t find a way to move forward. This sometimes has the knock-on effect of increasing the feeling of being crazy busy, which means that no matter which way you turn you can’t move forward, which increases the feeling of crazy busyand so onget the picture? Craig has recently found himself approaching this situation and has implemented a few different strategiesthat helped him! Here’s what he tried:

Recognise it!

The first point is to recognise the signs of what’s happening. When you start to feel that you’re just ‘too busy’ or ‘losing control of stuff’, that should be an alarm bell to do something! Too often people ignore it, think about how they haven’t got the time to do something different and plough on into the fog of crazy busy regardless, hoping it will work itself out.

If you recognise it, you’re already ‘tuned in’ to the fact that something needs to be different, and this will help you think positively about the situation.

Take a step back and look forward

Being in the thick of it and not seeing a way forward is sometimes caused by not being 100% clear on the direction of travel, and the overall end point.

Take a step back, get out of the detail and remind yourself of the clear outcome that needs to be achieved. If the outcome isn’t clear or just doesn’t feel right, then that may be a cause of the feeling of craziness.

Take a step back

Talk it through and think of the possibilities

Find someone who you can use as a sounding board. Sometimes you don’t want an answer or a solution, you just need someone to listen to you, without interrupting you. This is a great way to clarify thinking, and links to the points above.

Also, remind yourself of how good you are, say positive stuff to yourself, look at where you’ve overcome these types of situations before; this will help you look at the situation more positively and think about what’s possible as opposed to what’s not working.

Time to think

Step away, take a walk, grab ten minutes away from everyone and everything…and definitely move away from the laptop! Creating time to think is vital every day, especially if things are crazy busy. In fact, the busier you get, the more thinking time you need to create. The thinking time will allow the brain time to think about something else, which will help it solve stuff you’ve been stressing about.

There are loads of different things to try, these are just a few Craig used, that helped him. What techniques have you used that really helped you (apart from running away from the work)? 

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