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Create some space in the wardrobe of your mind!

Are you feeling a little ‘bogged down’ with things on your mind? Do you have too much negative ‘chatter’ cluttering your conscience? Kat was recently discussing this common phenomenon with David, who naturally, had some top tips to offer. Here’s Kat with the insight…

We all tend to ‘store’ stuff from the past. Personally, I find it difficult to throw some things away, particularly clothes, as I tend to think they will come around again one day.

How much excess baggage are you storing in your mind? Could you let go of a few storage items? Are you holding on to a few habits or ageing thought processes which are actually holding you back? Try this trick to help your mind de-clutter and make more room for what you’d actually like to concentrate on.

It’s got a fancy name, but it’s really quite simple and makes a lot of sense. ‘Changing your submodalities’ is key to both clearing out negative, unwanted surplus thoughts and increasing, or enlarging, on your positivity and potential.

Our submodalities are the extra sensory ‘experiences’ that accompany stuff we remember.  They paint a brighter picture in our mind; make the sound appear louder, or even waft an evocative smell that will always remind us of that special summer in France. They are like the building blocks of memories and if you can learn to control and alter them, you can also control the behaviour or state that they produce.

For example, close your eyes and think of something positive; something you really like, that makes you feel good. What is the image in your head like? Is it bright and colourful? Does it have any sounds attached to it? Any smells or feelings? Now bring it into sharper focus – make it HD! Make the image larger in your mind’s eye. If there’s sound, make it louder; turn it up!

Alternatively, you could reduce your negative thoughts and feelings using the same method, except in reverse. Make the image in your head smaller and smaller, fading it to black and white. Watch it becoming greyer and less distinct. Mute the sounds as if you have earplugs in; turn down the remote control!

David recently wrote a blog about the ‘Catch-22 of confidence’, where he mentioned that confidence is an inner feeling not an outer experience. As the mind struggles with what’s real and what’s imagined, it’s actually quite easy to manipulate it. This is our ‘submodalities’ at work.

So what excess baggage are you carrying around? How can you improve on your mindset and make more room for positivity?



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Written by: Nicki Emery In: Effective internal communication, Rambutan bunch
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