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How are your resolutions going?

We recently posted a blog that Craig wrote about setting and keeping New Year resolutions. So, what goals did you set yourself? And how are you getting on?

Craig recently overheard a conversation on a train this week. It went something like this:

Person A: ‘How are you getting on with the healthy eating and gym?’

Person B: ‘It started well, for the first week in January I was at the gym three times and had a very healthy diet, but when I weighed myself there was no difference. To be honest I dreaded every meal and every gym session and I stopped going to the gym as it was so much hassle and didn’t make a difference really.’

Person A: ‘oh, did you think there would be a change in seven days?’

Person B: ‘yes, totally. I thought I would lose weight and find it easier going to the gym, anyway, I’ve decided to start again later in the year, when I’ve got back into the swing of things with work. January is no time to make changes’

Person A: ‘I’m not sure the month has anything to do with it, maybe you should just stick with it!’

Person B: ‘yeah, you’re the third person to say that to me, but I think doing it once work has settled down would be best’

Person A: ‘does work ever really settle down?’

Person B: No comment, looked down and checked phone


What’s the message in the overheard conversation? Change and success is more than physical, sometimes the internal mind shift is enough to drive us towards our goals or, as in the case above, push us away from them.

With any change we want to make or goal we want to achieve, it will take time to get into the swing of it so that it becomes second nature. Use a positive mind set to help you, ask yourself what it is you really want to change and how positive thinking will help you get there.

What mind set have you chosen this coming year to help you with the challenges ahead? And what does success look like for you?

A recent comment was made on Facebook this week by a regular gym-goer:  ‘The ‘resolutioners’ have already given up on going to the gym, same every year!’

Are you a ‘resolutioner’ or a long term goal-achiever?

We’d love to hear how you’re getting on with your resolutions, leave us a comment and let us know.

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