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David’s here to share a little bit of Rambutan news:

Six years after founding Rambutan with me, Sarah has decided the time is right for a change (she must have broken the world ‘putting up with a Yorkshire man’ record) so she will shortly be off to pursue the next phase of her career.

Whilst Sarah will no longer be a permanent member of the bunch or director of Rambutan she isn’t leaving the country and may help us out from time to time…particularly using those amazing communication, facilitation, writing and editing skills that she’s honed over the last few years!

Utilising communication channels

Utilising all communication channels

It’s important to note that, whilst she leaves with our blessing and best wishes for the future, we will miss her TONNES. There is a huge part of Rambutan’s success that we thank her for; and that she should be proud of. Her photographs are on the website and office walls and that’s where they’ll remain…she will always be a part of the Rambutan story.

For Rambutan it’s business as usual. Our refreshing approach (clients’ words not mine) is continuing to help us to grow and delight more and more people.

Sarah and I remain personal friends and neighbours and at least now we won’t bore each other about work when we have a beer!

A job well done!

A job well done!

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