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Make ‘em smile!

Written by: Nicki Emery In: Stunning customer service

While doing a little customer service research recently, Kat came across a lovely story which she really hoped was true. It was quoted as being an urban legend which made her think about what really great customer service could look like.

I read a lovely little anecdote the other week about Apple, and their newest iPad which a chap decided he’d like to invest in while browsing online. The story goes that, once Apple had delivered his parcel, within days he’d requested a refund and sent it back to them, with a Post-it Note stuck to the side, simply saying “Wife said no”. Apparently, the short but humorous exchange found its way to the bigger bosses at Apple, who, along with his refund, returned the iPad to the chap, with another Post-it Note stuck to the side, which read “Apple said yes!”

What a fantastic story, and how I’d love for it to be true! (Who knows, perhaps it is…if you’re one of the bigger bosses at Apple and are reading this, do drop me a line and enlighten me!)

What it did make me realise, though, is that a real feel-good factor or a gesture of goodwill can be the most potent and powerful customer service offering anyone can give. It doesn’t have to be about giving away free, expensive stuff; how many of us can afford to do that anyway? It’s about doing something unexpected. Giving a little more than what’s been asked. Going out of your way to make someone’s day.  And above all…making ‘em smile!

Excellent customer service

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Written by: Nicki Emery In: Rambutan bunch, Random refreshment

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