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‘Out of times’ table

12 x 3 =1837 to 1901….or at least that’s the time period when an announcement that all children would have to learn their times tables would have been considered forward thinking. David’s here to share more…

Not wishing (point-blank refusing) to enter a political debate, I have to say I am a little bit less-than-inspired by the announcement that the latest top-down drive from Parliament to primary school will try to make sure all pupils know their times tables (and I am already wondering what the ‘times tables – league tables’ will look like).

Having been chair of governors of a very good primary school for the last 14 years, and a relatively successful businessman for the last 20 years, I still find it hard to make the link between rote-Victorian style learning at an early age and career success. Surely the job of a primary school is to teach kids how to learn and to love the experience of learning, not to memorise stuff that a calculator, phone, laptop, tablet, etc. can do?

We need to teach them to use their brains to figure stuff out, their creative capabilities, their emotional intelligence, communication skills and give them a hunger for discovery not a nausea from regurgitation.

And for those who prefer not to embrace the digital age when they are older (though to be fair most Year 3 students have the edge on me when it comes to information technology) they can print off the table below, laminate it and store it in their bag! There we go…job done…now let’s find a non-league-table way of inspiring our brilliant teachers to inspire the next generation.

Times table chart

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